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Mediation Services


The Law Offices of Mark Ruiz offers Mediation and Dispute Resolution Servies.  Mediation can be a cost-effective, efficient means to resolve a dispute which allows the parties to craft an agreement with the assistance of a third party neutral.

  • In Person and Zoom Mediations
  • Available for in Person Mediations in the Bay Area and Greater Sacramento and Zoom Mediations throughout California.
  • We Mediate the Following Types of Disputes: Real Estate Disputes, Landlord Tenant Disputes, General Civil Litigation Disputes, Divorce and Family Law Disputes, Probate and Inheritance Disputes
  • Cost: $400 per hour 
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

About: Mark Ruiz obtained training and accreditation as a Mediator through Phoenix Dispute Resolution Solutions. He has practical hands-on experience in Dispute Resolution which he gained by working as a Mediator at Sacramento County Superior Court through California Lawyers for the Arts, working as a Small Claims Mediator for San Mateo County Superior Court, and working at Settlement Conferences for Unlawful Detainers in San Mateo County. Through his private practice, Ruiz has negotiated dozens of settlements in Civil Litigation, Real Estate and Landlord Tenant Disputes.

Call 916-695-9103 to schedule a Mediation in greater Sacramento and 650-771-0376 to schedule a Mediation in the Bay Area.  Email: [email protected].

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